Project Astronauts Garden


Path and Goal: Transformation

The path and the goal of "Astronauts Garden" is the exploration of the universal laws of nature, including human nature.. The laws of nature are independent of us - in contrast to our socio-economic and religious laws which are all man made. The exploration of the universal laws of nature is a peaceful science which I call TRANSFORMATIK. Its basic hypothesis: ENERGY = INFORMATION.

The future of humanity depends on its capacity to understand nature. One can only understand nature, if one understands the principles and laws too, which reign nature. Since Albert Einstein we have physical evidence that our material universe is nothing but energy. It is therefore absurd to speak about an energy crisis or wanting to economise energy. We are not confronted with an energy crisis, we are in an information crisis. We need more accurate information, information with transformative character, which radically renews our relation with the planet.

The base

7 farms in all major climate zones of the Earth. Zillions of varieties of plants, animals and human beings on a few 100 hectares. The farms produce food and energy for all the people working on site (plus visitors, tourists, students).

The land of every farm is cultivated by several individual enterprises, mainly family businesses. They work in direct connection with the people doing research and development. Their land is both a highly productive farm and a test field for new technologies and processes. A chart frames the way farmers and developers work together. The chart also determines the structure of shareholder rights in the project as a whole.

Main activities

Putting in place synergetic agricultural systems including all crucial elements from water management, soil fertilization to habitat. This includes a big emphasis on perennial plants, particularly trees.

Developping tools adapted for natural farming. Hand tools, robots, drones, new forms of fencing etc.

Developping processes which make tools (and labor) absolete: let animals and plants do the work by letting them follow their proper interests within an established framework.

Developping new ways to understand better the mechanisms in nature, particularly mechanisms concerning over all health of an ecosystem but also productivity.

Developping the most comprehensive, most accessible and usable database for knowledge about natural farming. Integrating as best as possible all existing knowledge and enhancing it where it is needed.(a lot of interesting data is sleeping somewhere on a server of a university) Translating knowhow into various languages.

Producing media content fed by the database, in order to popularize the knowledge among farmers and hobby gardeners and kids around the world. High quality documentaries, educational games, books, movies, magazines, blogs.

Developping new structures and methods for storing, transforming and distributing food, including marketing. This includes new methods to enhance communion of the agricultural world with people living in cities. The farms of tomorrow should belong to everybody and everybody should not only buy food but participate in one or another way in growing food too. Because no matter how far we can fly in space and how long we can survive on Mars we still need healthy food for our bodies.



Astronauts Garden makes all results of exploration available as open source. A TV/Radiostation on site broadcasts all results on internet and/or satellite. In a central databank all agricultural knowledge and knowhow from all five continents is collected and transformed into statistics, tutorials, data sheets, videos and podcasts and translated. Besides the surplus of the farms' food production the Garden exports the products which have been derived from successful research. (books, music, films, inventions, technology, processes, seminars, individual solutions, counselling, tourism etc.) Open source projects wich cannot be financed through the sale of products are financed by crowdsourcing, analog to tax financed state research in universities.


A project of this scale comes with great costs. Each farm will cost about the equivalent of 1 million liters of milk to be established and about the same amount to make it through the first years. Depending on the country it can be a bit more or less. The creation of the data backbone is a multi-million investment too.

But knowing what's at stake the necessary investment is ridiculosly small. All those able to invest in their future should hurry up. Because without sustainable agriculture there will be no future worth to live in. No matter if your pension fund in 30 years still exists or was destroyed by some meltdown on the stock market. Particularly those who are net earners in the system and those who exclusively rely on the revenu from their capital should remember that all the ressources they take from the big pot without making it work in an intelligent way for humanity will be stripped of all these resources sooner or later anyway. But: if they make it work in an intelligent way honoring human nature, everyone including themselves will greatly benefit, whereas if they wait until it's taken from them everyone will loose, even those who take it from them..

Choose your future: paradise or oblivion!


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